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How Was My Weekend?

28 Nov

Pretty Sweet.

In an “Orson Welles in Citizen Kane” kind of way.

For the Sake of Karma

23 Nov

Please adopt these rats.

‘Hoarders’ Rats Up For Adoption: 1,000 Rats Removed From House On Reality TV Show


The Other Pic

23 Nov

Couldn’t give away the KISS makeup or “The Gentleman!”

(Or the hotdog stand or what is that? A light house?!)

To quote a friend: “Yay! I can finally talk about it!”

21 Nov

Let the “from one island to another” cliches begin…

I’m on “How I Met Your Mother” Tomorrow

21 Nov

I had a great time shooting the show. Everyone was a lot of fun. And a special highlight was getting to work with my good friend Joe Nieves. We worked together seven years ago when he was a guest on Becker. So I wanted to recreate the pic. (No smiling.)

Jennifer Morrison is also on the show this week who I worked with eight years ago when I played a waiter in the TV movie “Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie”. This is the biggest picture I found.

I have one more group shot but it contains spoilers. I’ll post it later.

Touché CVS

17 Nov

Putting your Scratch Lottery Ticket Vending Machine right next to the ATM.

You got my first twenty.

Or should I say…



No Matter What Toys I Buy…

12 Nov

Nothing trumps the old dried lemon they found in the yard.

Now when they lick my face it smells like Pledge.