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Watch your eyes…here comes my button!

18 May

Wait for it…

16 May

Looks like we’re going to air in January.

Fox 2011-12 Schedule: ‘X Factor,’ ‘Terra Nova’ in Fall; ‘Alcatraz,’ ‘Bones’ Spin-Off in Midseason

Mote Con Huesillo

12 May

As the days have gotten warmer I found myself with a hankerin’ for Mote Con Huesillo. 

It’s essentially a summer “beverage” even though it definitely requires more than a straw.

It’s basically “mote” which is husked wheat,

“con” (with)

“huesillo” (dried peaches) that have been cooked with water, sugar and cinnamon.

It’s delicious. So the only place I know to get it in LA is here.

But last time I was there I saw this: And I got the idea to make up a batch myself.

I picked up some Trader Joe’s Dried White Peaches. Soaked them and cooked them. Using a recipe I got online. 

Turned out pretty delicious.  I especially like it for breakfast.

12 hours to stop Uganda’s anti-gay bill!

11 May


We have 12 hours to save thousands of gay Ugandans from possible execution. On Wednesday, Parliament could pass a law that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality. An international outcry shelved this bill last year — if we can ramp up the pressure again and keep the gay death penalty law from reaching a vote this week, it will die when Parliament closes in 12 hours.

Click below to sign the petition:

Great News!

10 May

Fox orders J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’

Fox picks up ‘Bones’ spin-off ‘The Finder,’ J.J. Abrams ‘Alcatraz’ to series

Beth’s First Book For Grownups Is Finally Available

5 May

That’s right Bethany Shady aka Sidekick 22 aka James Leigh has released her first official novel. 

Congratulations Babes!

You can order a copy of it here:

It’s also available as a digital download here:

Don’t be confused because it says it’s written by a James Leigh, that’s just my nickname for her when she doesn’t wax her lip.