I Was a Guest on Sam Neill’s Blog

7 Sep

I don’t know if any of you have read Sam Neill’s blog. It’s pretty great.

Lately he’s been posting Top Ten Song Lists from friends and colleagues.

Here’s mine:


25 Responses to “I Was a Guest on Sam Neill’s Blog”

  1. Kelly September 7, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    I like your playlist. I will have to check out a couple of the bands…others I know well!!

  2. Debbie M. September 8, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    Thanks for posting the video, Jorge. I had no idea Sam had a wine business.

  3. Raquel September 8, 2011 at 1:22 am #

    7 September,

    Happy birthday to Michael Emerson.

  4. Claudia September 8, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    Very, very, VERY COOL!!!!

  5. MARTA(BcN) September 8, 2011 at 5:17 am #

    Good playlist, I have a question!!!! conoces algun tipo de música española o te gusta algun grupo? un abrazo!!!!

  6. Sam Grant September 8, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    How odd. You were in my dream last night. I was going to my theatre and we were going up outside stairs. They were getting more an more crowded and could hardly get to the top. We found there was a concert on the roof.

  7. itsadeal111 (@itsadeal111) September 8, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    Adore Sam and his “Two Paddocks” blog and this spotlight feature of yours Jorge, is too majorly cool! *cheers*

  8. Özer September 8, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    You two look great! Just took a peek at Sam’s blog, it is pretty amazing indeed.
    Saludos desde México!

  9. Jeff September 8, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    Sam’s chickens appear to be quite happy.

  10. Ian September 8, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Man, how much more awesome can it be! You are starring on a show with Sam fricken Neill!

  11. Ellery September 8, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Hey hey Jorge…

    Hurley on his B-day…


    Thanks much!


  12. Ross September 8, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    Mr. Garcia –

    I have a strange question. Were you at a concert in Providence, RI last night (Wed, Sept 7th)? If not, you may want to avoid Providence, you have a serious doppelgänger there.

    • Jorge Garcia September 8, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

      Was not. I’ve been in Vancouver. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Jeff September 9, 2011 at 2:36 am #

      Perhaps it was Rubeus Hagrid you saw.

  13. CCroom September 9, 2011 at 8:39 am #

    Thanks for the link. Sam is such a class guy and excellent wine producer. Took my nieces to Dunedin and Otago a couple of years ago and I’m going back next spring. Great part of New Zealand with great scenery and wines.

  14. micki September 9, 2011 at 9:33 am #

    I’m a fan of Sam Neill’s and live in the Wine Country here in the states. Nothing like a very very good glass of local wine (wherever you are) to bring joy around a dinner table!

  15. henrywasserman September 9, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    I heard you just had a 6.4 earthquake. Hope you are ok.

  16. kake79 September 9, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    Just read that you guys had an earthquake. Hope it didn’t scare the pups.

    • Jeff September 10, 2011 at 6:35 am #

      The pups probably sensed the quake minutes before it struck.

  17. Rafa acmewolf September 10, 2011 at 5:47 am #

    Thank u 4 share Jorge!
    I didn’t know Sam’s hobby (or business) through the vineyards.
    I hope that the filming of “Alcatraz” go OK.

  18. MM September 10, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    Awesome, another cool blog to follow, that’s been bookmarked:) If you like Bon Iver you should check out British singer Birdy’s cover of Skinny Love, she’s only 15 and it’s pretty big on the radio right now.

  19. Karen September 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Hi Jorge – I was wondering where in the US we could buy Two Paddocks Pinot Noir – my
    favorite wine – didn’t see any distributors listed. Thanks – can’t wait to see Alcatraz.

  20. Marta September 11, 2011 at 4:40 am #

    Oh gracias…Tiene buena pinta el blog 😉

  21. Jeff September 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Good dog!: http://www.wimp.com/goodboy/

  22. Karen C. September 15, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Why is it people from other countries always seem cooler than lame old Americans?

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