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And Now It’s Time For: Old Picture, New Caption.

20 Nov

Woah… I’m like totally gettin’ a buzz off this toe.

(Original caption here.)

The snow the other night

19 Nov

I shot this the night it started snowing here. Being someone whose only experience with White Christmases involved white sandy beaches, I find this both exciting and worrisome. I wish I could hibernate.

This is how many unheard podcasts I have on my itunes right now.

18 Nov



And a lot.


But mostly scary.



Better get to listening right away.

Oh My Gosh It’s Snowing and Haunted!

17 Nov

Oh My Gosh It’s Snowing!

17 Nov

– What if it starts to fray?

17 Nov

– No problem we’ll just tie a knot on the end of it.

– Yeah but what if THAT end starts to fray?

– I’ll just tie another knot.

– But what if THAT…

-FINE! I’ll fold it over and wrap a bunch thread around it! You happy?!

(Said the guys who designed the drawstring on Beth’s new sweatshirt.)

Stuffingless Toy vs Pip and Smidge

15 Nov

This is the newest toy we bought for the little ones.

(We went stuffingless this time because they get their full of eating stuffing from their beds. ) But man look at this surgical attack. They really went for it. Chewed his junk right off.

It appears they were aiming for the squeaker.

The nondescript furry creature has been silenced.

For now.

It appears he has a squeaker in his head as well.

I’ll keep you posted of his fate.