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Pip Outtakes

25 Dec



This is how she prefers it.

Happy Christmas! Here’s Your Quiz.

24 Dec

Who hates wearing their Christmas Cracker hat?

It’s a Glamorous Life!

19 Dec

Here I am waiting for my pants to be hemmed at the WBTV Int’l promo shoot.

For Those of You Lucky Enough to be in SPAIN Right Now

18 Dec

The movie I shot last year is NOW IN THEATRES. So check it out.


As for the rest of you suckers, you’re just gonna have to wait.

My how they’ve grown.

14 Dec

This post is mainly for my mom to see.



By the way if you were to guess by the picture which place was colder, you’d be wrong.

Worst Gambling Odds Ever

13 Dec

Last weekend we went to watch the Packer game at a local pub. Not being much of a football spectator I started entertaining myself with a little BC Lottery gambling. The odds were slightly less than 1 in 5 that I’d win according to them. So I figured with five tickets, I just might win one. And sure enough I did.

And what was my big payout?

$2.00 CDN.

Wait a minute.

That’s what my original bet was on that ticket. 

So to clarify I bet on a 1 in 5 chance to break even five different times. The BEST that could have happened was I would have made back my original bet, which I only did once in five games.

“Daddy! I got cider in my ear.”

Stay away from this game.

It’s Open Skating on the Birdbath Today

12 Dec

This place is frozen.