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Babies hanging out in my office

30 Mar
I had just bought them this new tunnel bed and it took them no time to find it. In fact Pip found it so soon I didn’t even notice she was inside it and ended up locking her in the office for a few.

But she’s a good barker so as soon as she was ready to be let out she let us know.

Shots From My Last Day On Alcatraz

28 Mar

Sarah and I both wrapped in Vancouver at the same time.

Partners to the end.

This is Sarah flipping the bird to everyone.

(Just kidding.)

Because we were going to be moving back to California for hiatus we thought it would be funny to take a picture in front of this truck that says “I [heart] Moving.” 

And this is the guy who whips us with chains when we get “out of line.” I’m surprised they actually posted this picture they’re usually very hush-hush about that guy.

Sweet (& Sara) Easter Basket!

28 Mar

Now I’ve talked about Sweet & Sara before.

These are not only the best vegan marshmallows, they are the best marshmallows period. And today I just got an awesome Easter basket full of their treats. Including S’mores with Bunnies on them and Peeps-like  “Skippers and Sunnys.”

They are a little tough to find but are totally worth it. If you check the refrigerated section of your nearest Whole Foods you might get lucky or you can just order them direct online. 

And not an ounce of animal by-product inside.

It’s a shame Beth is all the way in Hawaii the day these arrived.


Spoiler Alert!

25 Mar

There is only one day left before the Alcatraz finale.

Well this photo’s begging for a caption

19 Mar

Nice catch there Jo.


You kids play NICE now…

Brown Dog Cafe

16 Mar

My favorite breakfast in Vancouver might be Brown Dog Cafe out in Point Grey, specifically for their Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes.And I think the woman behind the counter has a sense of humor because after I placed my order at the counter the “number” she gave me for the table was this:

Hotel Alcatraz?!

15 Mar

That’s some serious promotion.