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I’m on Phineas and Ferb Tonight

11 May

Look what I just came across:

It’s a Glamorous Life!

11 May

Nothing like hearing you don’t have a job anymore from the internet.

Say goodnight Patchy.

“Goodnight Patchy.”

My trip to…

5 May

Part II : This is my cool look.

I guess.

Day one in Tokyo was a lot of press. And if you ever are photographed there you will at some point be asked to do a “cool look.”

So I first tried this:

Then this:

But I always ended up like this:

My trip to…

2 May

Part I : Getting there.

On our recent trip to Tokyo we got to ride in the sharp end of the huge Airbus A380. Double-decker!

On Singapore they have these really cool private compartments. It’s kind of like riding on a train in the sky. 

And you can watch Alcatraz on the flight.

We decided it best to stay awake for the flight so that we wouldn’t have trouble sleeping after we landed at night time.

More from the set of Alcatraz

1 May

Remember that one time when I was caressed by a giant.

Psst. Don’t look yet. But my stand-in is wearing shorts in February. I said don’t look!

This is not a picture of me yawning. This is me shocked at the filth that just came out of Sarah’s mouth.