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Summer Project 1: Time on My Hands

23 Jun

So this is the first time I’m actually home for the summer. And I’ve been enjoying a lot of pool time. I ended up getting a couple inner tubes for the pool, including this mega one that used to part of a tractor. The hole is actually too big to lay across the tube comfortably so my goal now is to turn the thing into some sort of raft instead.

I got a large piece of canvas and put eyelets all around it. Then I wound rope around the the whole thing. I also added more air to (in theory) keep everything in place.Then came the moment of truth…Well… The canvas slid around to the bottom.

Not exactly how I envisioned it.

So I guess it’s back to the old drawing board.

This is  me contemplating new design modifications.

I’ll keep you posted.

It’s Bath Day for Everybody.

15 Jun

Including the dogs.

Geez! I’m still talking about my trip to

9 Jun

A short Japanese lesson.

This is how the Japanese spell J.J. Abrams phonetically.

This is Alcatraz.

And here’s my name. 

Now you can google me in Japanese and find this flattering shot. 

Thanks Japan.

Got to work with some old friends this week.

7 Jun

Monday I worked on an episode of Californication. So although I knew I was going to get a chance to see Evan Handler here in a robe (again) I was surprised to find Maggie Grace was working in the same episode. It was a fun day of working with everyone. They have a good group over there.

My episode will  air sometime next year.

Relax. I’ll remind you.