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Charity Game Night

9 Nov

Hey if you interested in playing boardgames with this guy:

and this guy:

(He’s not going to be happy with that hat pic.)

(That’s better. )

Even this guy:

You might want to bid on this:

It’s all in support of the Jack Vassel Memorial Fund which helps gamers in need.

Bids are done in the comment section. So yes, you have to join to bid. But if you’re into this kind of prize, you’re probably a member already.

We’re voted!

6 Nov

Man we got up early today. Not just early enough to get to the polls before they opened. But early enough to shower before getting to the polls before they opened. What am I going to do with all of this extra time on my hands? I’ve already voted. Ate breakfast. Recorded and submitted a voiceover audition. And something elsed (which I won’t get into.)

And after all this research I did, I ended up leaving my sample ballot at home. Had to do it all from memory. Which was particularly challenging because here in California we have a Berman running against a Sherman. That’s like a Gregory running against a Shmegory. Both from the same party btw.

Hope you were able to catch me on TV last night.

5 Nov

Man I had fun playing the Giant on Once Upon a Time.

The wardrobe was pretty freaking sweet down to the velvet shoes. 

But it was definitely a challenge. As you can see I’m working with nothing here. Empty set and empty hands.

But I’m grateful to the other actors who went above and beyond what one would expect for off-camera support.


Even lying on the ground next to the camera to give me a real eye line. 

Good times.

Looking forward to the return engagement.