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Backyard Garden Project 2013

26 May

Hey folks I apologize for my inconsistency in keeping up this blog.  The way my life has been moving lately I’ve spent less and less time in front of my computer. But I’m aiming toward a new goal of at least sharing something here once a week.


Thought I’d share my garden junk for this year.

First off I went a little nuts with tomato plants. IMG_1689I bought seven. And I’m already getting a few fruits. IMG_1690

I also turned my fountain into a planting box again.IMG_1723 The main reason was that as a fountain it was just a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

I planted a bunch of herbs and leafy greens keeping the top tier as a birdbath.IMG_1724

But because I mixed compost with my dirt some unexpected invaders have been popping up. IMG_1725I’m pretty sure a lot of these guys are more tomatoes sprung from seeds in my compost. I took a few out and planted them in the front  yard. IMG_1719Figure I have nothing to lose if they produce or not.

Which brings me to my Frankenstein plant.IMG_1692 I’ve had a struggling citrus tree in the yard for a while.


So when it came time to add another tree this guy got booted to make space for an avocado. I had him moved to a large pot to see if I gave him a controlled environment of nutrient-rich soil maybe he’d make something of himself. Well the compost took off and all kinds of plants started sprouting.


And it appears the odds on favorite is the squash.IMG_1726

I’ll keep you posted when I harvest.