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Here’s To You (When We Were Pirates)

28 Sep

WWWPThose of you who have frequented my imdb page may have noticed a little title called¬†When We Were Pirates which has been on and off that list for years. (BTW imdb: I’ve still NEVER DONE A VOICE IN HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY.)

Anyway, it looks like that movie is going to come to fruition sooner than later and one of the things we’re doing to raise a little money for it is release the song that was previously released on youtube¬†.

On itunes:

And amazon:

so those of you with 99 cents burning a hole in your pocket…

Oh iTunes what have you done?

28 Sep

I can’t delete old podcast titles from the list anymore? You mean I have to scroll through podcasts that I listened to three years ago to find the next new one to add to my drive time playlist? First that pop up search window and now this… Look at my face.DSC00995 2