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My Favorite Song This Minute

6 Jun

Is actually from a new EP by a buddy of mine that I worked with a couple of years ago, John Paul Roney and his new project John Paul Roney in the Boom Forest.

The song is “Wooden Heart” and you can check it out here:

He kinda has a little Nick Drake thing going in this one.


My Favorite Song This Minute

6 Oct

Oliver Quinn “The Wee Irish Hammer”

Terry used to play me songs his son had recorded over the years when we were working together in Hawaii. Well Ollie’s got his own CD out now and it’s great. He’s kind of reminiscent of Jude. You can find it on iTunes and CD Baby.

“Wee Irish Hammer” is essentially the bonus track as in it doesn’t really reflect the album as a whole. But it will put a smile on your face.

My Favorite Song This Minute

27 Sep

“Swords of a Thousand Men” by Tenpole Tudor.

It’s a bit old school but I just heard it again on a commercial for EA Sports. I always thought they were singing “Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye” like they do on Come On Eileen but it appears they are actually singing “Hoorah hoorah hoorah yea.”

My Favorite Song This Minute

7 Sep

This is my first “favorite song” post since I’ve relocated to wordpress, but I’ve been meaning to post about this song since they released a video of just the animated lyrics.

Now there is an official video out that you can find on You Tube. However I’m not going to be posting it here.

I will say this: The song is by Cee Lo Green.

This is his website:

It’s probably safe to say it’s NSFW or children or singing to yourself almost anywhere.

So… happy googling.

It’s reminiscent of Harry Nilsson’s “You’re Breaking My Heart.”

And I can’t stop singing it to myself almost anywhere.