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Looks Like The Garage Sale Was A Success

23 Aug

Holy crap! Faraday’s notebook for $27,500!

We were watching it on the internet. I pushed the bid button once. But I knew I wasn’t going to compete for this stuff. Congrats if you got something. But don’t send it to me to get signed because it might “get lost in the mail.”

Checking out the Lost Auction

6 Aug

I suddenly notice that I am wearing the same t-shirt I wore in Hurley’s Passport Photo. Take a look.

It’s faded a little.

My Life is Lost

22 Jun

Someone just posted a link to this site:

Thought it  was kinda touching. And it reminded me of this classic from

Overheard in New York:

That Jerk Never Returns My Calls
Girl #1: This whole Ben situation is really starting to piss me off.
Girl #2: I know! I just don’t know what his deal is.
Girl #1: He called me like twelve times yesterday.
Girl #2 (stopping in the middle of Penn Station): He called you? (pauses for a moment) Oh, you mean Ben your boyfriend, don’t you?
Girl #1: As opposed to?
Girl #2: Ben from Lost.
Girl #1: Don’t talk to me for an hour, please.

–Penn Station

Overheard by: thought it was lost too
via Overheard in New York, Apr 16, 2009

Midnight in Monaco

9 Jun