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My trip to…

2 May

Part I : Getting there.

On our recent trip to Tokyo we got to ride in the sharp end of the huge Airbus A380. Double-decker!

On Singapore they have these really cool private compartments. It’s kind of like riding on a train in the sky. 

And you can watch Alcatraz on the flight.

We decided it best to stay awake for the flight so that we wouldn’t have trouble sleeping after we landed at night time.

Random Pics from Cabo

28 Jul

As I had mentioned earlier I went to Los Cabos for my cousin’s wedding.

My mom and I flew in a few days early to explore the area.

This shark was hanging outside a restaurant that was closed. As I got closer to take a picture I noticed that a bird had nested in its mouth.

This is from a series of bilingual cards. I guess it’s a way for children to learn Spanish. Except for this one. This one does not teach anything. Because that is clearly not a horse. So if the guy really is a horsebreaker, he’s in trouble. But I usually root for the lion anyway.

This is me at the urinal where we stopped for lunch. Well we didn’t stop AT THE URINAL.  The urinal was in the restroom, in the restaurant, where we stopped for lunch. (Whew!)

A more pressing question is who took this picture while I’m at the urinal and what I had to do to get it from him?

P.S. I’m the captain.

Check out how much traveling I did this summer.

10 Jul

Okay I probably should have posted this one BEFORE the last one. But that’s nine. Count ’em nine bonnets de douche. Which I used to make that bread I just showed you.

(For those who have no clue what I mean: bread-making-tip-one-shower-caps.)

I know I can buy them. I know I own tons of ’em already. But taking them from hotel rooms just makes the bread taste better.

Just got back from my cousin’s wedding in Cabo

8 Jul

More on that later. But I just had to share this picture with you.

It’s a Nativity Set made up entirely of Mariachis. Pretty sweet.

Monte(gna) Carlo

17 Jun

Yeah it’s stupid. But when the title came to me I had to use it even though the spelling is wrong.

One of the highlights of my trip to Monte Carlo was meeting Joe Mantegna. We were both there for Disney International publicity. Really nice guy.

Here I am with Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz from GLEE after the awards ceremony.

More Monte Carlo

14 Jun

So this year marked the 50th anniversary of the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

I took these photos at the cake cutting ceremony with the prince. (That’s LL Cool J in the hat.)

Hung out with Elizabeth and Scott Wolf at the cocktail reception at the Minister of State’s place.

Here’s a shot of Zach Levi and Busy Philips and me at the 50th anniversary party.

Where I ran into Ian.

And together we crushed his friend Nina.

Monte Carlo

12 Jun

I returned to Monte Carlo for their annual Golden Nymph Television Festival.

The celeb sightings started at LAX for us as Ice-T was checking in right ahead of us. Really a cool guy and a fan of the show. He pulled his camera out so I pulled out mine.

The festival had a lot of the same press that I had met in my previous trips. Including Tero Paloniemi who confessed that back at home he’s known as the “Hurley of Finland.” Here we are this trip.

And here we were two years ago.

Did I get taller?

Midnight in Monaco

9 Jun