Oh iTunes what have you done?

28 Sep

I can’t delete old podcast titles from the list anymore? You mean I have to scroll through podcasts that I listened to three years ago to find the next new one to add to my drive time playlist? First that pop up search window and now this… Look at my face.DSC00995 2

Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter Pilot: Best Star Wars Guy Ever.

17 Aug


My goto action figure was always Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing gear.


Unlike the my other Luke Skywalker who suffered from lightsaber hand, LSXWFP’s right hand had the best grip.


Just the right size for gripping onto my Tonka Crane or the cord for the blinds (I usually played Star Wars with mixed media).

Just thought I’d share.

P.S. In my search for pics for this post I found http://ratherchildish.wordpress.com. It’s chock full of glamour shots of action figures in cool lighting. Pretty sweet.

Some kick ass panorama shots Beth took in Hawaii

11 Aug








Hawaii 5-0

10 Aug

So I recently got back from my trip to Hawaii to shoot an episode of

Hawaii Five-0. 

Had a nice surprise when Terry showed up on my last day of shooting (he’s working on the episode after mine).

photo 1-3

To be in that studio with these guys again gave me a rush of joy.

I had a great timer shooting and working with a familiar crew.


I hope to return to do it again soon.IMG_1895

Why Beth Shouldn’t Go to the Beach During Shark Week.

7 Aug

Ordained Day 1

28 Jun

As you know my show “The Ordained” did not get picked up for series. IMG_1428But I did want to share with you my first day of work.


18 Jun

So last Saturday I came home and saw this.



And then lifting the blanket…


This was a gift that Beth had commissioned from Allison Hoffman at Crafty is Cool and it had finally arrived.


Really cute.


And she did awesome with the detail of the hair.

IMG_1770I was touched.

Thanks Babe.