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Still Baking

11 Oct

I haven’t posted about bread in a while. My baking has slowed down some. I ended up buying a second copy of Jim Lahey’s book. Figured I’ll pass it along to someone when I get my copy out of storage. I made a rye. By the way, that pot holder was made by a fan. Those are rats with angel wings. I’m guessing to serve as a constant reminder of the rats we sent to heaven that one time.

This wheat bread slipped into the pot weird which made it look kinda like a slipper when I pulled it out. Yesterday I added this jalapeno and olive tapenade to the dough. It’s pretty nice. I need to get a good melting cheese for it I think.

I also bought a book called Local Breads. It’s pretty good. These breads require more time, but so far I’ve made a dreikornbrot and this 100% spelt bread.