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Happy Birthday to the little ones!

29 Jul

I can’t believe it? My dogs have hit the “terrible twos.”

Happy birthday to all of the quints. (They were quintuplets remember?)

And they used to sleep so soundly together. Now Pip hates it when Smidge crowds her. Or even looks at her when she’s comfortable.

Is this the little girl I carried…

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about the Parasite Museum

15 Jul

Man I haven’t posted here in forever. And here we are in July and I still have to close out my trip to 

from April.

Well I’d like to think I saved the best for last with my trip to the parasite museum.

The MEGURO PARASITOLOGICAL MUSEUM is small. You can do the whole thing in less than an hour. especially if you can’t read Japanese.

There are models and photos of parasites and the people who suffer from them. 

There was even a photo of a guy with this problem, but I opted for the cartoon instead.

And the place is chock full of jarred specimens. Some are borderline adorable. But the biggest attraction has to be the 8.8 meter long tape worm. Yes this was removed from a human being. And the best part about the display is there’s an 8.8 meter long piece of fabric ribbon to hold in your hands and try to swallow to relive the experience yourself (not recommended).

And the good news is this place has a gift shop. But it’s cash only so be sure to stop at an ATM if you plan on picking up a t-shirt.