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Figure it’s only appropriate…

31 Oct

To share this year’s costume as well.

I guess we’re ending on a bit of a theme here. 

Kind of a non-specific chimp extra from the Planet of the Apes.

My most prized costume…

30 Oct

Was probably the gorilla. 

I wanted this mask so badly that I agreed to wear this costume for multiple Halloweens if my parents bought it for me. 

But the second year of being the gorilla was met with many of my classmates pointing out, “Isn’t that what you were last year?”

So the next year I kept the body suit but created a new mask out of a cardboard box, spray paint and modeling clay.

I could barely see out of those four holes in the head but this outfit did win me a prize. I think it was a ribbon. Remember ribbons? The next step up from gold stars?

Another Costume Highlight…

26 Oct

Was when I went as the Incredible Hulk.

I love this costume. From the padded sweatshirt that my dad drew nipples on. To my green painted legs.

However I have no idea who this guy is.

I think he was either a parent volunteer or school faculty at my elementary school’s Halloween Bazaar.

At least that’s the story I’m going with.



24 Oct

Last weekend was our annual Pumpkin Carving Party.

This year people asked if it could be a costume party as well. 

As per usual we had a graveyard.

I made some last minute adjustments before the sun went down. 

This guy scared a lot of people. As did this guy.

The cooks made chili. 

People carved.

People ate.

People carved some more.

This one was mine.

It was by far our biggest turnout ever.

All the more pressure for next year.


3 Kickstarters I’m Supporting.

19 Oct

Hey folks! I have some friends who are working to Kickstart some projects. So I’m here to spread the word in case any of these are things you guys might be into.

1. The Rise Of Blue Ivy Carter – by Ashley Platz. Platz is an actor, a poet and a good friend of mine. She is producing an animated music video spoof based on a Hip Hop Poem she wrote detailing the life and struggles of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter’s future music career. 

Check it out here:


2. Man Teen Season 2 by Andy Lazarus. I’ve mentioned my buddy Andy’s web series on this blog before. It’s the series he was destined to make because Laz literally  is the Man Teen. He’s gearing up for a second season.

Check it out here:

3. Thrilling Adventure Hour: The Graphic Novel… And Beyond! – by Acker and Blacker.  Some of you may have seen the show at Largo. Some of you may have heard the podcast. Well Thrilling Adventure Hour is now spreading out to all sorts of media in their effort to take over the world. 

Check it out here :

Gearing up for Halloween

17 Oct

It’s been a busy month. So I’ve been neglecting this blog and my twitter account. But I got to spend some time with my mom and we scanned a lot of pictures. So I  thought I’d take these few days before Halloween to share with you some of my childhood costume highlights. Starting with this FEROCIOUS TIGER!

This costume was sewn by my grandmother. There is a picture of my sister wearing it the year before with a cat mask. I’m glad I stopped getting her hand-me-down costumes because this year she was a ballerina.