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Greatest Drummer Ever

23 Aug

My manger was inspired to send me this after seeing Beth’s Journey video.


23 Aug

Last week was the return of Curryoke. A tradition that Beth started where a bunch of us head to “Little Osaka” for some Hurry Curry of Tokyo¬†followed by singing at

On a hot summer night, we all worked up a sweat. Maybe it was the spicy food. Maybe it was the non stop rocking. Or maybe it was the limited to no air conditioning with the front door open. Either way it was fun time had by all. And Beth destroyed with “Separate Ways.”

Happy 815 LOSTies!

15 Aug

To celebrate I tried to dig out photos that you might not have seen before. (Which was pretty tough.)

Here I’m practicing my Artz exploding reaction with Daniel Roebuck.

Is it my turn yet?

Little known fact. Vincent used the potty like the rest of us.

(Well not all of us. Some of us peed in the bushes. Not naming names.)