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Pip & Smidge

19 Oct

So a few weeks ago I went browsing through

There I saw this picture of a mixed Chihuahua puppy named Midge at a rescue site called Cuddly Canines.

And although I had wanted to wait until I moved into my new house before I brought a dog into my life again, I just couldn’t pass her up.

So I filled out the application and when they called back I was able to arrange to visit Midge at her foster home in Placentia.

But while I was there I really fell for the shy little brown runt in the back, named Molly.

I called Beth to tell her that I think I’m going to have to get two of them.

Trust me it was hard not to snatch them all up.

I brought Beth back with me the next day and she felt the exact same way. And last Sunday we brought them home. 

We also renamed them. Midge became Smidge. And since Beth always wanted a dog named Pippin or Pip, Molly became Smolly.

Just kidding. We named her Small-e.

Not really.

We named her Pip. 

Still Baking

11 Oct

I haven’t posted about bread in a while. My baking has slowed down some. I ended up buying a second copy of Jim Lahey’s book. Figured I’ll pass it along to someone when I get my copy out of storage. I made a rye. By the way, that pot holder was made by a fan. Those are rats with angel wings. I’m guessing to serve as a constant reminder of the rats we sent to heaven that one time.

This wheat bread slipped into the pot weird which made it look kinda like a slipper when I pulled it out. Yesterday I added this jalapeno and olive tapenade to the dough. It’s pretty nice. I need to get a good melting cheese for it I think.

I also bought a book called Local Breads. It’s pretty good. These breads require more time, but so far I’ve made a dreikornbrot and this 100% spelt bread.

Littlest Potatoes

8 Oct

I never thought subscribing to a CSA box would actually be entertainment for me. But then they surprised me and sent me a bunch of fingerling potatoes. Including this one. The littlest potato ever. Let me give you a sense of scale. And as luck would have it Justin also got a “littlest potato” of his own in his box. Now every kid is going to want one.

My Favorite Song This Minute

6 Oct

Oliver Quinn “The Wee Irish Hammer”

Terry used to play me songs his son had recorded over the years when we were working together in Hawaii. Well Ollie’s got his own CD out now and it’s great. He’s kind of reminiscent of Jude. You can find it on iTunes and CD Baby.

“Wee Irish Hammer” is essentially the bonus track as in it doesn’t really reflect the album as a whole. But it will put a smile on your face.

Whenever I Ride the Escalator at the Grove

1 Oct

I miss my dog.And I’m anxious to move into my new house so I can get one.