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Mailing Address Coming Down

29 Jun

Hey folks,

This weekend I’ll be removing the mailing address from this page. So if your planning on sending anything do it now. We’re getting ready to move to Canada and want to have enough time to respond to everyone who sends an autograph request.

If you sent something a couple of months ago, be patient. I haven’t had the time to answer my mail in a while. I’ll get on it soon.

In a couple of months I hope to have a new address to post.

Till then, sit tight. Check in here every once in a while and I might just have another blog to talk about my new show on.

Rare Chance to See Me Do Stand Up

28 Jun

I’ll be honest. I had no intentions of returning to a standup stage any time soon. But when my friend Suzanne Whang asked if I’d be a part of her benefit. I could not say no. 

So this Thursday I’ll be joining Suzanne and a great lineup of comics and surprise guests at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood  to raise money  for Suzanne’s road to recovery from Stage 4 breast cancer.

For more info go here:

Tickets are available here:


Hosting a Sketch Comedy Show this Saturday in Los Angeles

24 Jun

Hey folks I’ll be hosting  tomorrow in Los Angeles.

ACME Comedy Theatre
in Hollywood
135 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA 90036

For info and tickets click here:

Kyle Kinane on Conan

21 Jun

Tried to embed. Didn’t work so here’s the link:

Never seen this guy before. But now I am a fan. Downloaded his CD immediately.

To Dads Everywhere: I Raise a Glass.

19 Jun

In honor and remembrance, I’m having a Dad’s tonight.

Last week I popped into my local Bevmo and came across this collection. It’s ten root beers, two of each brand. Why they couldn’t  just make it a twelve pack? I don’t know.  But seeing it reminded me of the time I once had my own root beer taste test in Hawaii. So I picked up the pack and took it home. Got carded by the way – someone wasn’t paying attention.

I was impressed by Dad’s. It had been a while. And I was new to the bottle variety. I grew up with cans. And now that I have much more appreciation for root beer, I gotta say they make a nice product. It’s smooth, it’s a made with cane sugar, and it even even has it’s own  iPhone app. No lie.

But none of them could unseat my all-tine favorite: Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg.Virgil’s is still number one (and number two with it’s regular root beer). In fact what originally attracted me to the root beer display was this Virgil’s Keg. I mean just look at that mother… father.

One day friend. One day.

Opened a Big Box of Disappointment Today

18 Jun

I ordered these the other day because Uncrate described them as “all the advantages of paintball without the paint” which sounds pretty great. But a great advantage a paintball gun has (that this lacks) is a TRIGGER. And my guess is that even the worst paintball gun is about a 1000 more accurate in the aiming department.

It’s a bummer I had such high hopes for a great shootout among friends. Now I guess it’s back to the original plan: old timey bare knuckle boxing.

Super(b) 8

9 Jun

Last night Beth and I went to the Super 8 premiere in Westwood. 

I freakin’ loved it! It touched me in ways I remember movies used to.

I can’t recommend it enough.

The Best Thing about JFK Airport

8 Jun

Is the fact that they have Ms. Pacman. Of course it costs a dollar to play but I figured I’d splurge. 

And I also learned that my skill level at Ms. Pacman has not changed whatsover. Since it came out thirty years ago the story is still the same for me. Once the dots turn red, it’s time to die.

My Favorite Song This Minute

6 Jun

Is actually from a new EP by a buddy of mine that I worked with a couple of years ago, John Paul Roney and his new project John Paul Roney in the Boom Forest.

The song is “Wooden Heart” and you can check it out here:

He kinda has a little Nick Drake thing going in this one.