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Tryin’ a New Look

27 Aug

I think I’m diggin’ it.

The Greatest Frosted “Sweet Wheat” Ever!

24 Aug

Wow! I mean look at all that icing.

Look at it compared to an average one.  

The only problem is Beth found it so… she got to name it. (Not really she ate it.)

I tried to find another but I only found a halfy.

Problem Solved. For me at least.

23 Aug

All I did was “zoom in” on the text on my blog and presto the font looks bigger every time now.

That works for me.

Looks Like The Garage Sale Was A Success

23 Aug

Holy crap! Faraday’s notebook for $27,500!

We were watching it on the internet. I pushed the bid button once. But I knew I wasn’t going to compete for this stuff. Congrats if you got something. But don’t send it to me to get signed because it might “get lost in the mail.”

Whew! That was close!

23 Aug

I was having issues with my Music hard drive.

It was taking long to wind down and was making me nervous.

So I bought a new hard drive. And holy crap hard drives are small now!

This is my new 500 gb next to my old 200 one. It’s ridiculous. Not only is it so much smaller for 2 1/2 times the storage. But the new one doesn’t even require a power source.

Ah technology. Keep making things tinier and tinier. (Maybe that’s why my font feels so small, it’s technologically advanced.)

It took forever to copy the files though. The old drive kept freezing up. So I had to keep shutting down and restarting my laptop. But everything is now safe again in their new drive.

I tried

22 Aug

I even paid the $15 dollars for the CSS upgrade thing.

But when I made the font bigger I lost the Header.

So I switched back.

I wish

18 Aug

my font was bigger.