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30DDC Day 30 : A Congrats Banner for Finishing!

30 Apr



30DDC Day 29: A Place You Want to Go

29 Apr

So many…


30 DDC Day 28 (Oh my Gosh! Day 28!) : Anything You’d Like

28 Apr

I get to pick whatever I like AND it’s my birthday?!

Well in that case I’d like a birthday cake.

Not just any cake.

My grandma’s wine cake.



And yes I did go easy on the candles. Thanks for counting.


30DDC Day 27: Someone You Love

27 Apr

Beth of course.27

Man I got some heat for not including her in the “best friends” post.


30DDC Day 26: Something You Don’t Like

26 Apr


CAFOs. Not a fan.

30DDC Day 25: (Home Stretch) Scenery

25 Apr

Well what can I say? I have Hawaii on the mind. I’m heading there again soon so and Beth and I are counting the days. 25

30 DDC Day 24: A Couple

24 Apr


Figured two dudes kissing was appropriate.