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Yesterday I was in Hawaii, today…

21 Feb

not that I’m complaining.

Hey Cutie

21 Feb

Be sure to catch me tonight on Alcatraz and tomorrow on Live with Kelly

20 Feb

I’m especially looking forward to this scene. (I’ll talk about why in the next podcast.)

And then tomorrow I’ll be a guest on Live with Kelly from Hawaii!!! 

I get the feeling…

17 Feb

that Battle Nations doesn’t take too kindly to vegetarians.

Today’s Call Sheet (Sort of)

15 Feb

Damn! I guess it was yesterday’s call sheet now.

I need to drink more water

14 Feb

So I’m taking this to work today.

Not to drink but as a reminder.


(that was stupid)

P.S. I just re-read this post and it sounds pretty gross. So for the record, that was tea. I just thought it looked so much like when your pee smells like sugar smacks, I took a picture of it.

Saw a guy on the street dressed as Little Caesar

9 Feb

(Not this guy but when I found this pic I couldn’t resist.)

He was standing in the rain waving a sign in his hands. And before I could say to myself, “I’m glad I’m not that guy.” I saw another guy. Waving a sign. In the rain.  Without a costume.

Getting wet.

But before I could say “I’m glad I’m not THAT guy,” I thought about that costume getting wet all day. Water soaking into the foam head for hours. And then probably getting stored in the corner of some back room unable to fully dry out.

Whoever gets to wear that costume next?

I’m glad I’m not THAT guy!