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Yesterday I was in Hawaii, today…

21 Feb

not that I’m complaining.

Hey Cutie

21 Feb

Be sure to catch me tonight on Alcatraz and tomorrow on Live with Kelly

20 Feb

I’m especially looking forward to this scene. (I’ll talk about why in the next podcast.)

And then tomorrow I’ll be a guest on Live with Kelly from Hawaii!!! 

I get the feeling…

17 Feb

that Battle Nations doesn’t take too kindly to vegetarians.

Today’s Call Sheet (Sort of)

15 Feb

Damn! I guess it was yesterday’s call sheet now.

I need to drink more water

14 Feb

So I’m taking this to work today.

Not to drink but as a reminder.


(that was stupid)

P.S. I just re-read this post and it sounds pretty gross. So for the record, that was tea. I just thought it looked so much like when your pee smells like sugar smacks, I took a picture of it.

Saw a guy on the street dressed as Little Caesar

9 Feb

(Not this guy but when I found this pic I couldn’t resist.)

He was standing in the rain waving a sign in his hands. And before I could say to myself, “I’m glad I’m not that guy.” I saw another guy. Waving a sign. In the rain.  Without a costume.

Getting wet.

But before I could say “I’m glad I’m not THAT guy,” I thought about that costume getting wet all day. Water soaking into the foam head for hours. And then probably getting stored in the corner of some back room unable to fully dry out.

Whoever gets to wear that costume next?

I’m glad I’m not THAT guy!


9 Feb

I’m sitting on the couch eating lunch.

And nobody gives a shit. Lane, what were you guys thinking?

7 Feb

I got this email saying that my freshman yearbook was available online now. Having not perused it in ages I clicked the link. The first thing I discovered was that this was someone’s personal yearbook. I know this because it has a bunch of signatures on the inside. So if you order a reprint (which they do offer) you will get a reprint of this guy’s yearbook including all of the pages of dedications he got from his friends. Okay, no biggie I guess, if you feel that someone else’s yearbook is better than no yearbook at all.

But then I discovered something truly awful. Whoever owned this yearbook apparently didn’t like some people and recorded this in the year book. One picture of a student was crossed out, had devil horns and a tail drawn on it, and an offensive slur written over the student’s shirt. Like this:

I’ve chosen not to post the picture to protect everyone’s privacy and because of the nature of the word written on the guy’s chest.

So what I want to know is:

A. Why would you even offer your yearbook to this project knowing that you wrote this kind of stuff inside it?

B. If you were in the business of scanning yearbooks why would you accept a yearbook that has this offensive stuff in it?

C. And aren’t you planning on contacting every alum from this school? Including the people who had their pictures defaced? Why would you subject them to that even if it was a long time ago? (By the way, this guy? Hated your guts.)

So why bring it up here? On the blog? Well, I wanted to inform that they are putting out offensive material, but when I clicked on this:

I got this:

And when I clicked this:

I got it again.

So I’m writing about it here in the hopes that word will get back to them somehow. ( I know it’s a pretty roundabout way, but that’s the only way I’ve  got.)

I admit that when I was younger I used words that I would never use today. I have no idea what I might have written in my own yearbook back then. But if it was offensive or hateful I’d be EMBARRASSED about it. I just wish would be more sensitive to this kind of thing.

By the way the picture in question isn’t mine. I swear. This is mine. 

And before I stopped perusing I did come across this picture of me in Arsenic and Old Lace.

A big bummer about not having the dogs around…

5 Feb

is now when I drop food in the kitchen, I actually have to pick it up myself.