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ALCATRAZ to Invade Japan May 6th!

29 Apr

As you can see there were slight modifications made to the artwork. And Sam’s a robot now. But those of you living in Japan will get to see the first two episodes of Alcatraz starting May 6th @ 9:55 pm. I know it’s an odd start time but you won’t want to miss the opening.

Those of you who subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog see it as a work in progress.

22 Apr

Sometimes I’ll see something I find funny and I’ll want to post it in my blog.

(For example:

But if I can’t post it the way I want to, I’ll scrap the whole post completely. (In this case I couldn’t embed it.)

((I’ve since learned that it requires me to download something, so you don’t have to explain it to me.))

However, the moment I post something, subscribers get a notice. But if I’ve deleted the post it won’t be there. Such is the case when you choose to subscribe.

There is no need to email Beth about this. Nothing has been hacked. I just change my mind and delete posts sometimes. All is well.

[I should totally delete this post so only you guys can read it.]

Forgot to get a picture with Lance

19 Apr

Luckily someone else got one for me. 

“… and when they finally removed it, it was this big!”

“You don’t say.”

Went to the Paley Center for Media for the Warner Bros “Television Out of the Box” Exhibit

16 Apr

I already shared my moment with Dawn Wells but here are the other highlights.

Sat in the Booth from Monk’s Diner.

Stood behind President Bartlet’s podium.

From this angle it looks like I even got a classic Bugs Bunny mouth kiss. 

But the highlight of the evening was meeting who might just be the biggest Alcatraz fan I’ve met so far: Robert Englund. Whaaat! 

Oh iPhoto Face Recognizer You’re Hilarious!… Again!

15 Apr


Because you asked J.L.

13 Apr

This is how we left Nunu’s grave when we visited her a week ago.

I describe how to find it here:

So if you go looking for her, those flowers may be dead or gone but that Hot Dog should still be there so if you keep an eye out for it you may find it pretty easily.

You can also visit her “brick” at the Humane Society.

If you walk down the steps to the dog park and make a hard right you should be able to find it.

But if you’d just like to visit a spot she liked.

She loved running around the park in Lanikai.
Thanks for visiting.

Ginger or MaryAnn?

13 Apr

Well last night I got to say it to her face.

We were here.

(I’ll share more later.)

It was delayed a bit but I finally got my Hawaiian vacation.

11 Apr

Those of you who heard the story on Diego’s Soul Patch already know that my trip to Hawaii was immediately cut short due to my booking the movie Get a Job. But after I wrapped on the movie I flew back and we decided to stay a little longer to make up for the interruption.

Saw some familiar sights. Finally tried the ramen house that Nestor had recommended to me ages ago. They still had their Christmas decorations up. 🙂

And I fed mango to the littlest bull I’ve ever seen. By the way I’ll admit that my experience with cows has been pretty minimal and I was surprised to see that the bump he has on his gut is where he pees out of. (Well it’s not so much that he pees out of it as pee just seems to suddenly drain from it without warning. )

Some Set Pics from the Season

9 Apr

We shot Ernest Cobb right around Halloween when Playland was gearing up for their Halloween themed nights. 

Among the the yellow jackets that middle danish was the hands down favorite. 

Here’s a shot of me showing off one of the “photo booth” pics I took with the iPad in between setups.

And this is a rare capture of the acting spirit entering my body right before they called “action.”

The Beauty of Sporting Events that Sell Peanuts in the Shell

1 Apr

Is the license they give you to make a mess. Just like those throw-the-peanut-shells-on-the-floor restaurants.