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And to celebrate the day after my birthday…

29 Apr

Beth suggested I start using this.

For my 

And my

“Happy Birthday dear me-ee…

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

29 Apr

We celebrated by having “Afternoon Tea” for dinner. 

We made vegan tea sandwiches.

Had sweets from BabycakesNYC. 

And washed it all down with Bewley’s Irish Afernoon Tea, our favorite.

And as I sit here wide awake at 1:30 in the morning, I realize why afternoon tea is best consumed in the afternoon.

Kinda looks like I planned it this way, so I could watch the Royal Wedding.


26 Apr

This is the second day in a row that Beth has discovered a crow eating potato salad in our yard. Don’t know where he gets it. Don’t know why he’s washing it in our pool.

(She didn’t get a picture of it so I had to improvise.)

Look what came in my mail

24 Apr

It’s a Hurley paper doll made by Izabela Stafford at Paper Pals.

It looks like I’m about to bow.

I appreciate the svelte physique.

And the monobrow. (This is definitely a Hurley that gets stopped at the airport.)

From the Archive: Northern Ireland

21 Apr

For a moment Beth and I were thinking of starting a travel blog. So I started saving all of my travel posts for said blog. Well… That blog never happened. So now I’m just going to share some pics from our trip through Belfast when we stayed at the Culloden Estate and Spa.

As we walked the grounds we came upon this deer. And if you’re very careful. You can win his confidence over. And…

I didn’t try it with this winged dog creature. (Mainly because I was afraid of brushing up against his weenus.)

Sang With Band From TV at the Wisteria Lane Block Party

19 Apr

You can check out pictures here:

Live Review: Wisteria Lane Block Party Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | Disarray Magazine.

A Good Way to Spend a Sunday

17 Apr

A little game of lemon ball in the backyard.

Someone’s Gonna Get Her Teeth Knocked Out

14 Apr

So when Pip finally got spayed it was discovered that she still had baby teeth even though her big dog teeth were already grown in. As is often the case, the vet removed her extra teeth during the same operation. Problem solved.

But I had a sneaking suspicion when I brought her home that she may not be the only one with this issue. So I grabbed Smidge and checked her mouth.

Sure enough she was double-fanged. Sounds cool but apparently it can lead to serious problems if food gets caught up in there, so we knew we had to take her back for teeth removal.

Of course this was the same week as the staple incident so we thought we should give her a moment to recover first.

Well today is the day.

I’m a little worried about her.

And here I never showed you how truly talented she is.

Now I know every parent think their child is gifted, but check this out:

Of course I should have been mad about this happening inside the house. But can you imagine how hard it is to make it stand straight up like that? Kid’s an artist!

P.S. Not to be outdone. Attention-whore Pip got stung by a bee.

Just kidding.

About the timing that is. We do think she got stung by a bee.

It’s just that it was a long time ago.

She’s fine by the way.

For those of you confused

6 Apr

about where to send requests for autographs… 


(Hint: look where I’m pointing.)

Not sure if I posted about this or not.

5 Apr

But it’s worth re-posting either way.

Right before I moved away from Hawaii I received this painted portrait in my fan mail. 

It was painted by Laurel Morley of Menagerie Designs.

Now it hangs in the bathroom of my office for people to stare at when they pee.

Thanks Laurel, I admire it daily.