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It Looks Like My Rocking Hurts

30 Sep

Went Perusing Through My Stats On WordPress

29 Sep

I had no idea how many people check this thing. It’s pretty crazy.

“I have the power!” – He-Man

Just Kidding.

Man It Was Hot Yesterday

28 Sep

My car said it was 115 degrees outside!

I couldn’t believe it. Figured it might be running hot or something but my phone said pretty much the same thing.

Yikes. And it’s October Friday?

By the way if the weather says the high is 106. And it’s currently 112. Shouldn’t the high automatically become 112?

My Favorite Song This Minute

27 Sep

“Swords of a Thousand Men” by Tenpole Tudor.

It’s a bit old school but I just heard it again on a commercial for EA Sports. I always thought they were singing “Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye” like they do on Come On Eileen but it appears they are actually singing “Hoorah hoorah hoorah yea.”

Went to a Play Tonight

26 Sep

It was called

and it is being produced by Jenna Fischer (The Office) and written by her husband Lee Kirk. I knew nothing going in but when I got my program one of the first things I saw was a quote by Eugene Ionesco. So that gave me an idea that I was in store for something in the absurdist “Waiting For Godot” vein. We laughed. One part made Beth jump. And Valentine Miele really stood out in his role as the doctor.

So if you’re in the LA area and want to check it out it’s at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre. And here’s the website for more information:

Dream Come True

22 Sep

Here it is on You tube. I found four. All of varying lengths and qualities (too easy).

Had a Dream Last Night

22 Sep

That I was onstage singing with Weezer.

And when I woke up my pillow was gone.

My First Harvest

19 Sep

was this tomato.

I ate it immediately.

Still Spoiling Her

14 Sep

Visiting Nunu

9 Sep

We visited the girl today. In case you weren’t sure if she was a girl:

If you walk from the third large tree toward the stone wall.

you’ll find Nunu to the left of Buddy¬†

and just below Kuro-Chan.

We had gotten a picture sent to us from a friend who went to her grave and found toys on it.

And we were very touched to find this when we got there. We left some others that fans sent us. And secured them all with small stakes we bought at the hardware store. I wasn’t sure if the sticks were there to hold the butterfly in place or they were meant as a dog toy. So we put them back as well. We’re really touched that you guys have taken the time to visit ¬†her and leave her presents. We plan to go back before we leave Hawaii but we’re still trying to find a couple of toys she used to play with.