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We Had a Skunk Situation Last Week.

27 Sep

Beware Beth curses like a sailor in this thing.

Many of you are concerned about the fate of the skunk. We just left it there and by the morning it was gone. Beth thought he might get too fat eating the garbage and get stuck in the “honey tree.” But he did not.

Went to Bon Iver Show Last Night

26 Sep

It kicked ass! And they were the nicest guys in the world.

This Year For Halloween

20 Sep

I’m gonna go as one of the water guys from Michael Bolton’s Emmy performance.

Three Things I Saw In Madrid This Past Year:

19 Sep

1. A Gold Vending Machine: It was in my hotel.

2. The largest potato chip I’ve ever seen in my life.

3. And the three worst ice cream flavors in history. That’s Tomato. Blue Cheese. And Serrano Ham.

The View From My Desk

12 Sep

When I packed to come to Vancouver I allowed myself one piece of flair for my desk area. And that piece was Baby Godzilla who you may recognize from (as’-dûrt).

But while in Seattle I bought this miniature sarcophagus at the Egyptian store in Pike Place Market because it did this:


You Think You’re So Freakin’ Cute!

11 Sep

I Was a Guest on Sam Neill’s Blog

7 Sep

I don’t know if any of you have read Sam Neill’s blog. It’s pretty great.

Lately he’s been posting Top Ten Song Lists from friends and colleagues.

Here’s mine: