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Tree is up.

30 Nov

Made the angel myself out of coffee filters, a paper plate and glitter.

Why is it?

29 Nov

Whenever you get a new dictionary, the first thing you look up is “fart?”

I just showed Beth the dictionary on her computer and sure enough that’s exactly what she typed in.

And I can’t tell you how many times I turned to the “fart” entry to decide between two different dictionaries while in a store.

So after we learned what a fart was again we went on to other vulgarities not listed in the dictionary, although we did try numerous letter combinations in case we were spelling it wrong. Eventually we ended up finding what we were looking for on Wikipedia.

And as a bonus learned a new word:  “vart”.

Man, No “Dead” Till February. How Will I Live(-ing Dead)?

29 Nov

I was a little late to this series. I knew I wanted to watch it and subscribed on iTunes when it came out, but I didn’t get around to watching Season one until the second season had already started. Needless to say I became a fan and got pretty used to having a lot of episodes in the bank to watch. Now I have to wait. TWD-FWP.

Thanksgiving: Plants vs Animals

25 Nov

As I sit here enjoying my Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich I thought I’d share the details of our beast/non-beast feast. We doubled up on almost everything.

Turkey breast and Tofurky roast.

Beth’s Green Bean Casserole made with cream of mushroom soup and my dairy free version.

Beth’s Mashed Russet Potatoes with dairy and my Yukon Gold mash without.

My stuffing with apples and raisins and Beth’s stuffing with bacon.

My sweet potatoes with brown sugar and orange zest. (Beth had no entry in this category.)

Beth’s store bought pie vs my homemade vegan pie.

Pie was a winner. But I did go a little heavy on the spices.

Hope you had a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving America

24 Nov


It’s so weird to think that outside the house it’s just Thursday.

The Beauty of Celebrating American Thanksgiving in Canada

24 Nov

Wednesday night the grocery store is a ghost town.

Only downside: We couldn’t find any fresh cranberry.

Here’s the Problem

21 Nov

I’m not a fan of traditional romantic cliches. And I have a girlfriend that is really fun to scare. Which makes me an a-hole. (Beth agrees.)

Case in point: The fogged up window in the shower.

Beth writes:

So I respond with:

Now Beth knows this is a joke. I mean, it’s a quote from a TV show we had just watched the night before.

She is not happy. She doesn’t appreciate the joke.

Then Beth writes: Or something like it. I don’t think she uses the letter “u” she’s more of “ya” gal.

This time I respond with:I guess I’ve been watching a lot of American Horror Story lately.

And again she’s not happy.

She points out that she only writes “nice” things to ME.

So then one day I decide to appease to her schmaltzy needs.

But then she comes into the bathroom and she catches me doing it. And then that mischievous imp comes up again. And I figure she caught me. She read the “nice” note already so I let her catch me writing this.  

Again not funny.

Meanwhile I’m rolling on the floor.

(And sleeping on the couch.)

And Now It’s Time For: Old Picture, New Caption.

20 Nov

Woah… I’m like totally gettin’ a buzz off this toe.

(Original caption here.)

The snow the other night

19 Nov

I shot this the night it started snowing here. Being someone whose only experience with White Christmases involved white sandy beaches, I find this both exciting and worrisome. I wish I could hibernate.

This is how many unheard podcasts I have on my itunes right now.

18 Nov



And a lot.


But mostly scary.



Better get to listening right away.