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Brother, Life’s a Bitch… and She’s Back In Heat.

31 Dec

Finally got around to watching They Live. 

Man, I’ve never seen anyone not want to put on sunglasses so badly.

Hey We’re On iTunes Now

28 Dec

Beth and I are gearing up to do another podcast. This one’s going to be on Alcatraz. 

Check out the teaser available now.

Diego’s Soul Patch

Sorry Jade that wasn’t me.

27 Dec

I’m still in Canada.

Or am I?

Thank you wormhole.

This Just Might Be My Favorite App of All Time

27 Dec

Someone asked how I created a picture I posted a couple of days ago. The answer is Sketch Club. I don’t sketch very much but it makes a crude yet EXTREMELY  easy-to-use photoshop substitute that I can play with on my iPad. I’ve used it for all of these posts and more.

It’s the best $1.99 I’ve spent.


Alright Canada, Let’s Do This!

26 Dec

Happy Boxing Day!


And Have a Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Call Them Angel Wings. No That’s Not Disturbing.

25 Dec

This year’s Christmas cookies (thanks to Beth letting me open one of my gifts early) are moustaches.  They come with an added detail which we didn’t use because the dough came out really crumbly and I was already planning on icing them. “Walrus” worked the best.

Pip Outtakes

25 Dec



This is how she prefers it.

Happy Christmas! Here’s Your Quiz.

24 Dec

Who hates wearing their Christmas Cracker hat?

It’s a Glamorous Life!

19 Dec

Here I am waiting for my pants to be hemmed at the WBTV Int’l promo shoot.