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I did LOOPING this week on ALCATRAZ!

31 Mar

I can’t wait to see the whole thing.


I Make My Own Almond Milk Now

28 Mar

Having given up dairy not too long ago I couldn’t help but notice how many ingredients were actually in my store bought almond milk. Originally my first step toward changing my eating was to stay away from processed foods. So here I was finding myself taking a step backwards.

But now I make my own. And here’s how I do it.

I fill a measuring cup with organic raw almonds. I blanche them for about three minutes to loosen the skins.I drain them and then I spread them on a cookie sheet to cool.

Once cool I pop them out of their skins. And put the skins in the compost bowl.

I throw the almonds into a blender which I fill to the 6 cup mark with filtered water. I blend them on high.

Then I strain the mixture through a doubled piece of cheesecloth. 


It’s creamy without the “papier mache” consistency of  some refrigerated almond milk varieties. And the ingredients are:

Almonds and water.

You can add salt or sweetener to taste if you like. But for cereal I just use this straight.

My recipe is based on one I found here:

And Now It’s Time For: Holy Crap! What the Hell is That!

27 Mar

The Scary Hotel Stain Game!

Been a while since I visited Man Babies

26 Mar

Check these out.

Thought I might try one.

Man I’m Sore!

22 Mar

The L.A. Marathon was this weekend.


I just remembered that.


But we were also pelted heavily with rain and the garage flooded.

So most of my day was spent sandbagging which apparently is a good ass workout.

Although I did slip and fall on my ass that day, so it could be that too.

Happy Irish New Year!

17 Mar

So this year I made my own corned beef with smashed cabbage and potatoes.

The corned beef was actually made of  seitan.

I got the recipe here:

By the way if there’s any food that could use a name change it’s seitan.

But then again, seitan may be the only the only thing that makes eating vegetables seem metal.

Went to Bharma

15 Mar

In January I was working in Spain and took a day trip to Barcelona.

Legend told me of a bar dedicated to LOST.

So I had to visit.

They have a Tail Section.

A hatch that lights up.


Dharma Station door.

They even have their own energy drink and beer with two different labels, one is black one is white.

And the UPC code is 4815162342.

And sandwiches named after everybody.

And coincidentally I got the veggie.

So begins my week of morning subtraction.

14 Mar

“Oh man! 7:15? That means it’s really 6:15!”

Like many of you, when I ate broccoli as a kid…

13 Mar

I would imagine I was a giant eating trees.

Now whenever I eat steamed kale,

I imagine I’m a dinosaur from the Primeval World at Disneyland.

photo courtesy of Matt Brady

So I’m Giving AT&T a Chance

12 Mar

At the suggestion of an employee who commented on my blog I decided to call Customer Support at AT&T Wireless to talk about the problems. Because let’s face it all WE can do is vent to each other.

The woman who helped me, “de-registered” my phone so it would have to find a new connection to the towers. She told me that there were a number of towers in the L.A. area that were currently under repair.

She also suggested that I download the “Mark the Spot” App to give them feedback whenever I experience an issue. 

I figure why not? The worst it could do is help.

But I had to laugh when I couldn’t even send the registration text to sign up.